In view of the recent development in many other schools setting up Parent Support Groups (PSGs), RSS PTA was dissolved on 11 February 2015 – 19th Annual General meeting. All the funds previously collected by PTA are graciously donated to RSS School Building fund.

In its place, RSS Parent Support Group (PSG) was set up in March 2015 by a small group of parents to create a platform for the following objectives:

  • To enable RSS parents to meet up and network with other RSS parents
  • To spearhead programs and projects that will benefit the students
  • As a channel to provide constructive feedback on school policies and program to enable betterment of school programs
  • For Parents to be involved in the non academic part of children’s school life – inculcate bonding, better communication, encouragement, support and as a positive model
  • To provide mutual support for parents within the PSG network

PSG is a not-for-profit group of RSS parents, offering complimentary membership to current and alumni RSS students.   

We hope the varied activities we organise throughout the year will help further widen the exposure of RSS students, open their minds to new possibilities and allow memorable bonding with their friends and respective families.  

Together we nurture our children.

Our Motto is “together we nurture our children”.

Brigid Loh

Chairperson, 2017

With a wealth of experience from running companies, Brigid brings on board a spectrum of expertise, leading the RSS PSG to organise larger scale events.

Cheng Ying Ling

Vice-Chairperson, 2017

With much experience in the media and IT industry, Ying Ling is able to help RSS PSG grow in many different aspects, aiding the chairperson effectively.

Wai Kin

Advisor, 2017

From the World Red Swastika Society, he brings along with him a wealth of experience and is an important link between the PSG and the society.

Candy Seah

Executive Member, 2017

Being a professional in financial planning, I manage my own time & finances, thus I am able to allocate time and put in effort to bring the PSG to a greater heights.

Sandra Lim

Executive Member, 2016

With her strength in market research, Sandra is the ideal person to help to generate more interest among the parents.


Executive Member, 2017

Joo Sin Tan

Executive Member, 2017

Being a RSS alumni herself, Joo Sin is able to tap on her experience in the banking and media industry to help in building an engaging and successful RSS PSG.

Mindy Ng

Executive Member, 2017


Executive Member, 2017

Winston Lee

Executive Member, 2017

With experience in IT and project management, Winston is able to tap on his knowledge in helping RSS PSG.

Join The RSS PSG

We would like to invite interested parents to join us as inaugural members of RSS PSG and contribute your expertise towards the RSS PSG programs and other joint-PSG events along the way.

Parents who are interested, please fill up the application form here. Thank you!