The objective of the morning reading programme is to instil in the students the love of reading and to also model reading aloud to the students so that they are able to appreciate the pitch and tone of a reader. We are hoping that these would encourage our students to read widely as well as to read texts with a variation in pitch and tone. 

The morning reading programme is held every Friday between 0700 to 0720 at the School Hall. Managed by teacher, Ms April, we hope to be able to instil the love of reading in our children by reading to them. If you are keen to be part of the storytelling team, please email us at .

Current Parent Storytellers:

  • Brigid Loh
  • Cana Jiang
  • Hwee Lin
  • Leonora Lim

Past Parent Storytellers:

  • Mr Chia

We thank all past and current Parent Volunteers for taking their precious time out to read to our children.